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TM710e - The Ultimate Tobacco Moisture Gauge Industrial Solutions

The TM710e is the ultimate on-line tobacco moisture gauge. The TM710e, and its predecessor, the TM710, are in daily use in literally hundreds of locations worldwide. Its considerable abilities allow installation in almost any location in Tobacco Processing:

  • GLT or Stemmery
  • Primary Process
  • Expansion Plant
  • Recon Sheet Manufacturing

As a moisture analyzer, it can measure the very low moistures of Expanded Tobacco, the intermediate moistures encountered in the Primary and the very high moistures found in Stem Preparation.

An atline system is also available with NDC, model Infralab for various tobacco applications for Moisture, nicotine, total Volatiles.

Applications Engineering is indeed at the heart of everything we do at NDC. Our applications experts understand the needs of the tobacco industry, the physical and chemical properties of the many types of tobacco and what needs to be done to create an accurate, stable and robust measurement. Our applications expertise has been gathered over four decades of research and development and co-operation with key players in the industry.

The TM710e's Ethernet communications structure features Automatic Device Discovery providing maximum flexibility of installation with the minimum of hardware and cabling, from a standalone gauge to a multi-gauge networked system. TM710e runs on 24V DC for maximun safety and Fieldbus Connectivity is available in all protocols including:

  • Profibus
  • ProfiNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet IP

Long term stability, ease of installation, reliability and performance ensure lowest cost of ownership.

To ensure access to data wherever it is needed, TM710e is be combined with the Series 710e Interfaces and Devices. Also Ethernet enabled, the devices include:

  • HMI - for supervisory interfacing with up to 16 TM710e gauges
  • Operator Workstation - for local display and operator level interaction with a single gauge
  • User Port (for analog process connectivity)
  • Switched Hub (for convenient networking).

This flexible connectivity structure enables straightforward integration into a factory network, to facilitate remote access to data.

The NDC range Series 710e on-line gauges includes

  • The CM710e Industrial NIR Moisture Gauge for chemicals, mineral and other bulk materials
  • The IG710e NIR Fixed Point Coating or Moisture Gauge for paper and other web products
  • The MM710e Food Industry Gauge for the measurement of food moisture or as a multi-component food gauge for measurement of moisture, fat and protein, with the addtional option of the measurement of surface brownness or degree of baking or frying.
  • The MM710e Snacks Gauge - a specific model for the snacks industry for moisture and fat or oil measurement in snacks
  • The PH710e Pharmaceutical Moisture Gauge for measurement in pharmaceutical drying processes
  • The TM710e Tobacco Moisture Meter for the measurement of tobacco moisture, or the TM710e multicomponent tobacco gauge for the measurement of moisture, nicotine and total sugars in tobacco products