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Non-metallic Expansion Joint Industrial Supplies
Non-metallic Expansion Joint Piping & Ducting Solutions
Non-metallic Expansion Joint Dutcotennant

Non-Metallic Expansion Joints offers a number of advantages, especially in plant design and building. They take up movements in several directions simultaneously, have almost no reactive forces, need little space for installation, are easy to adapt to existing physical conditions, and they are easy to transport and install.


  • The temperature ranging from -65°C to +1400°C
  • Choice of material and composition
  • Fastening or tightening method
  • Steel part and steel quality
  • Insulation (bolster)
  • Mechanical protection against abrasion (sleeve arrangement)
  • Fabric expansion joint alone or pre-assembled on steel parts (units)
  • Additional mechanical protection to the fabric from the outside