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Perforated Band Screens for Wastewater Solutions Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments


Perforated band screens are fine screening equipment that is used to capture the solid debris that can affect the following mechanical equipment in the plant and the following treatment processes negatively. They are mainly preferred to be used in large and middle-sized industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. They are designed mainly for offering a high separation ratio for wide and deep channels. Together with the undesired solid materials like organic and inorganic matters are removed thoroughly. An amazing performance mainly for the fine screening processes is given by these types of screens. They are the equipment which can deal easily with the high amount of gravel and grit. By preventing long fibrous materials from getting passed via the screen, the Double-sided design of the perforated band screen can obtain the highest number of solid-liquid separation efficiency. The primary screening media of this screen is mostly composed of perforated plates that are integrated into a drive chain and it works as an endless loop. The rakes which are the same width as that of the screen are placed on perforated plates that are integrated into a drive chain and it can work as an endless loop. The rakes which are having the same width that with the screen are placed on perforated plates for avoiding them to fall down of the captured screening materials. On the other type, there is a rotating brush in reverse which is placed at the top point of the screen to be able to clean the equipment constantly. At the very same time, the nozzles can increase the efficiency of cleaning by spraying clean water on the screen plates. The perforated Band Screen is made up of mainly sprockets, frame, driveshaft, chain, cleaning brush, perforated belt, nozzles, discharge chute, and drive unit.

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  • High screening ratio
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Suitable for use in deep channels
  • Easily installed and retrofitted into the existing channels
  • Needs minimum area because of the compact design
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Comes with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism