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Diaphragm Type-Stainless Steel Arrestor Plumbing Products

Diaphragm Type Water Hammer Arrestors are used in residential applications to control water pressure shock and prevent water hammer conditions. It consists of a pre-charged air chamber that is rechargeable, an air-tight sealing cap, standard tire valve connection for easy charging, stainless steel top, sealed-in diaphragm, lower stainless-steel chamber, and brass hex adapter for easy installation. It can be installed in new or existing plumbing systems at any angle. This is ideal for dishwashers, clothes washers, and quick-closing faucets. Diaphragm Type-Stainless Steel Arrestors can be found in a wide range of sizes for filling up a wide range of requirements. Their diameter availability allows for possible ready-made concealment among studs without furring. The entire range offers complete protection from water hammer in common diameters of pipe for varied lengths of pipe wherever velocity of flow is subjected for sudden changes in quick closing, solenoid-actuated valves which are used with sinks, lavatories and dishwashers, etc. These can also be used in improperly adjusted water closets, flush valves in pumping systems and others. Each unit comes with shock-absorbing air cushions which are sealed hermetically inside the unit. Unlike the O-ring type shock absorbers or pistons, there lies no loss of air from the arrestor because of permeation via the elastomeric features. The stainless-steel construction also makes them completely immune to degradation and attack due to high levels of chloramine and other common types of waterborne chemicals which can get degraded quickly. Our supplied range of Plumbing Water Hammer Arrestors utilizes advanced design bellows which can absorb the shock from water hammer indefinitely, packing more shock-absorbing capacity into less space compared to conventional units or outmoded air chambers.

Features –

  • Sealed-in, rugged diaphragm flexes for absorbing shock
  • Pre-charged air chamber which is rechargeable and standard tire valve connection which makes the recharging easy
  • Prevents damage and banging noise to the appliances and pipes which is caused by water pressure shock
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any angle


  • Pre-charged air chamber
  • Sealed in diaphragm
  • Complete stainless steel chamber construction
  • Rechargeable


1/2 to 3/4 in. (15 to 20mm) to ½ to 1 in. (15 to 25mm)

Technical Data

For residential/domestic water systems only. Not for commercial applications.
Maximum working pressure 150psi (10.3 bar)
Maximum temperature 180°F (82°C)
Maximum velocity 10 ft/sec. (305 cm/sec.)
Maximum shock pressure 200psi (13.8)