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Piston Type-Lead Free Copper Alloy Plumbing Products


The noise from banging pipes is caused by shocks of high speed water flowing in the piping system when a fixture is suddenly closed. Sudden stoppage of the water (a non-compressible liquid) flowing at a given pressure and velocity causes a surge or spike of water and is called water hammer. When this occurs, a pressure wave travels back through the piping until it finds a point of relief. The Water Hammer Arrestors are designed to eliminate this effect. This features Lead Free* construction to comply with Lead Free* requirements.

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  • NPT solid hex brass adapter or solder end connection for easy installation
  • Approved for installation with no access panel required
  • May be installed in new or existing plumbing systems with a standard pipe tee vertically, horizontally or at any angle
  • Maintenance free – piston is the only moving part
  • Air pre-load is 60psi (4.2 bar
  • Factory air charged and permanently sealed

1⁄2" - 1" (15-25mm)

Operating Pressure Designed to operate on all domestic and commercial lines @ 150psi (10.6 bar) working pressure
Temperature Range 33°F to 180°F (0.5°C to 82°C)