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Flanged Type Plumbing Products

The Double Flanged Type Butterfly Valves have been designed to be used in OEM, HVAC, institutional and commercial applications in which there is a requirement of positive shutoff for controlling the liquid, slurries and gases flow. They are having iron body construction, actuator or gear operator, a stainless-steel shaft, mounting pad for a 10-position lever and can be found with aluminum bronze, ductile iron or stainless-steel discs and Viton, EPDM or Buna seats. You can get the best-in-class flanged butterfly valves from us.

These valves are quarter-turn rotational motion valves that are used for regulating, stopping and starting the flow. These valves can be opened very quickly and easily. When the handle is rotated 90 degrees, it offers a complete opening or closure of the valve. Large type Butterfly Valves are mostly equipped with a gearbox in which the handwheels are connected to the stem by gears. This makes the valve operation simple with the sacrifice of speed. Our supplied range of general-purpose flanged butterfly valves has been made to offer a very cost-effective solution to all your requirements of flow control and product shut-off. They can be found in various bores. They are intended for handling liquids, bulk solids and slurries as they are very robust in construction and can be availed in a varied number of flanges mounting types, actuator and material options.

The flanged short body butterfly valves are the newest state-of-the-art options that can be found in the market having a very compact design along with several construction materials. They can be applied to various plants. These valves are compatible with DIN, BS and ANSI flanges. The short body flanges are having the rubber liner vulcanized on the valve’s body which allows reliable and strong tightness along with the O-ring cast on the body which prevents any requirements of the gaskets. The short body flanges valves are manufactured with discs of the centric type which are maintenance-free and can stand both directions of fluid. The body can be lined with BUNA, EPDM, Viton, PTFE as they are not in contact. These valves can be applied for any medium and any plant by simply mounting the suited disc on ductile iron or stainless steel.

Dutco Tennant LLC can get you the most advanced range of flanged butterfly valves in the Middle East and GCC region. For all your needs of Plumbing Butterfly Valves, call us today.


  • Flange Mounting PN 16
  • BS5155 (BS EN 593), MSS-SP-67
  • ISO 5211 Top Flange
  • Cast Iron or Ductile Iron Body
  • Operation By Lever or Gear Box
  • Epoxy Coat Finish
  • WRAS Approved

Technical Data

Maximum Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature -20°C to +110°C