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Wafer Type Plumbing Products

In industrial, commercial, OEM, HVAC and other areas where there is a requirement of positive shutoff for controlling the liquid flow, the wafer butterfly valves are used for controlling the liquid, slurries and gases flow. They are featured with iron body construction, mounting pad for the lever of 10-positions, stainless steel shaft, actuator or gear operator and can be found with aluminum bronze, ductile iron or stainless-steel discs with Buna, EPDM or Viton seats. The butterfly valves are quarter-turn rotary valves inside which a disc-shaped closure member gets rotated by 90 degrees or less for closing or opening for regulating the flow passage. These valves can be used for flow towards both directions. The disc unlike a ball valve is always present within the flow and so a drop in pressure is always induced in the flow without any regard to the position of the valve.

Due to the disc of the valves, they move into the seat with a wiping motion, and most of the valves are suited for handling fluids with solids in suspension and depending on the seat’s robustness and the granules and powders. These valves are mostly favored as they are much less in cost compared to the other types of valves and are having lightweight and need less support. The shut-off may be offered by a fitting interference seat design or a line-energized seat design in case of high-performance butterfly valves where the pressure inside the pipelines is used for increasing the interference among the edge of the disc and the seat.

The wafer butterfly valves are the most economical options available in the current market. They are sandwiched among two types of pipe flanges and the flanges are kept connected with the help of long bolts which cross the body of the entire valve. The sealing among the valve and the flanges of the pipe is taken over with the use of a tightly fitted seal like a gasket, O-ring, precision machines and a flat face of the valve on the upstream and downstream sections. This type of connection is mostly designed to seal it against bi-directional differential pressures and for preventing the flow in the backward direction in systems that are designed for offering a universal flow.

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  • Universal Flange Mounting PN16 PN10 ASA150
  • BS5155 (BS EN593)
  • Lockable Handle
  • Epoxy Coat Finish
  • ISO 5211 Direct Mountd

Technical Data

Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +110°C