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Popup Sprayers For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture


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  • Part circle pop-up gun sprinkler with piston-controlled rotation system lubricated with water. Larger range distance and lower flow than our previous model version VYR-977.
  • In-head built-in solenoid valve with ON-OFF-AUTO control from the outside cover-ring. (24Vac standart)
  • Multi-jet nozzle with 5 outlets for a perfect coverage and uniformity of distribution.
  • Optinoal “Sector-Scout” system to count the number of sectors for cycle irrigation (only by using special cycle controller).
  • Specially designed for perimetral irrigation of stadiums without any need of in-field maintenance or reparing.
  • Lateral inlet of 2” female threaded with brass inserted ring.
  • Made of brass, stainless steel and Delrin plastic.
  • Special plastics and rubber rotation joints.
  • Built-in check valve (8.8 m water column).
  • Removable grit filter for maintenance cleaning.
  • Range distance: 34-54 m.
  • Flow: 23,000 - 65,000 l/h.
  • Working pressure: 4 - 8 BAR.
  • Coverage area: Full or part circle.
  • Boquillas: A single nozzle with 5 outlets: 16, 20 & 24 mm.
  • Trajectory angles: 23º.
  • Maximum stream height: 6,2 m.
  • Rotation time: 360º between 50 and 120 seconds (adjustable)
  • Uniformity coefficient higher than 85% in areas of 50x50R, 55x55T, 55x55R, 50x65T.