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Pressure Independent Type HVAC Controls

The Pressure Independent VAV Boxes control the amount of primary air supplied to the room as well as the amount of room air induced back into the terminal in response to a room temperature sensor or BMS system.


  • Induction system operating with a Digital Actuator Controller enabling the VAV terminal to be calibrated to deliver the exact maximum and minimum airflows required for the areas they serve and any airflow in between to satisfy the cooling demand from the room sensor or BMS system.
  • Pressure independent control using patented Flo-Cross airflow sensors which provide an accurate measurement of the airflow to the Digital Actuator Controller. This allows the VAV terminal to deliver the calibrated airflow independent of the upstream air pressure.
  • Accoustic lining to minimise noise breakout.
  • Optional electric or hot water heater to provide heating if required.
  • Optional multiple connector air outlets.