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Rising Stem Gate Valve Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)

We offers Rising-stem valves which is operated by pushing or pulling the valve stem.It is made from cast or forged steel the Rising Stem Gate Valve.

 In the rising stem gate valve, the round handle rotates a threaded shaft which is attached to its center. Turning the handle will cause the stem to rise as it opens the valve and descend as it closes the valve. With a rising stem gate valve it is easy to tell if the valve is open or closed by looking at the amount of stem that is exposed. If the handle is flush with the pipe (no exposed stem), the valve is closed. If a lot of stem is exposed, the valve is open.


  • Full rubber wedge
  • Full rubber wedge
  • It has outside Screw and yoke Gate valve
  • Designed for opening and closing the flow of drinking water
  • 70-degree temperature with a pressure up to 16  bar.


  • Outside Screw & Yoke Gate valve
  • DN: 40-600
  • PN: 10/16
  • Face to face: F4 and F5
  • Body: GGG-50
  • Bonnet: GGG-50
  • Wedge: EPDM/NBRStem: AISI-420
  • Visual position indicator