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Rising Stem Gate Valves Irrigation Network

Dutcotennant offer you to provide Rising Stem Gate Valve for Irrigation Network. One of mankind’s oldest technical applications are the irrigation of fields for agriculture. This allowed the first advanced civilisations to flourish along the Nile, Euphrates and Tigris and is still today a decisive factor in feeding the growing world population.

Of great importance here is that the valuable commodity water is used economically, but also that sufficient irrigation takes place for plant growth. Equally important is the transportation of the water to the irrigation site with as little loss and as a cost-effectively as possible.


OS&Y gate valves F4-F5 DN40-500

Outside Screw & Yoke Gate valve

DN: 40-600

PN: 10/16

Face to face: F4 and F5

Body: GGG-50

Bonnet: GGG-50


Stem: AISI-420