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Saddle Straps Potable Water

We offer a full range of Saddle Straps House Connection Materials for use on mains pipes of different sizes or diameters. These saddle straps shall be suitable for making service potable water connections under pressure or dry using approved tapping machine into DI, AC, Steel or PVC pipes.


  • Used when the strength of the mains pipe would not otherwise support a ferrule joint
  • Supplied with 3" boss as standard with 3.1/2” boss optional to allow the ferrule to be fitted under pressure using a tapping machine
  • Can be supplied with the boss already drilled to size and if necessary fitted with a ferrule
  • Supplied with stainless steel nuts and bolts together.
  • Working pressure 16bar.

Main Features

  • The saddle shall be of two parts fitted with EPDM sealing gasket in a groove on the underside of the flat boss.The flat boss shall be cast with a hole or marking through the boss to facilitate the drilling and tapping process.
  • The straps shall be supplied undrilled and if required wemay use to seal existing holes in the water pipelines after removal of existing service connections.
  • The only tools required to fit a Saddle strap are a spanner and Standard ferrule keys. Furthermore, the installer-friendly design enables service pipes to be simply fitted in trenches, confined spaces and the wettest of weathers.


  • Straps for PVC Pipe
  • Straps for DI Pipe
  • Straps for AC Pipe