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Sand Separator Landscaping Works

A centrifugal sand separator is used often for pre-filtration and it removed large particles of sand. The water which enters the separator is then forced into a spiral flow pattern which develops centrifugal forces which cause the sand particles to move to the outer edge of the separator. These particles can then settle out of the water into a chamber collection at the bottom. Clean water can flow out of the separator at the vortex of the rotation along the axis of the separator. A sand separator must be used as the initial filter on any irrigation system which is pumping out high quantities of sand and must be followed by another type of secondary filter for taking out the finer particles. For operating properly, a sand separator needs to be sized for matching the rate of flow using the information which is offered by the manufacturers on the relationship between the pressure drop and flow rate. A carefully selected separator will be having a pressure drop of 5 to 11 psi when you are operating. If the flow rate is very small for a provided sand separator, it will not be effective for removing sand. A flow rate that is large enough will cause a high amount of pressure losses.

The variation is the flow rate can cause a sand separator to operate inappropriately. If you are using the same pump for irrigation fields of several sizes, then the flow rate may vary from field to field as the pump flow rate can change with the size of the field. A centrifugal sand separator is mainly installed on the discharge side of the pump. It can also be installed in a well on the intake side of a deep well turbine. The centrifugal separators are highly effective for removing the suspended particles from any flow stream of water where the specific gravity of the particle is much heavier than the water it is in, the more significant is the difference in the gravity between the water and the particle, the higher will be the efficiency of the removal process. Depending on the specific gravity of the particle and the viscosity of the flow stream, very small and denser particles can be removed. Particle removal can be boosted if multiple passes of the stream can be achieved. In spaces where any source of water contains contaminants with a weight of 2.6 specific gravity or more, you can consider using a separator. They are amazing to be used as a pre-removal device for filters with ditch or river water which contains high levels of sand or other large organic debris. Applications will be industrial processes, wells, rivers, water recycling, and reuse and ditch water intake systems, irrigation water, and food processing nozzle systems. An automatic purge controller and valve can be used on all the applications. This takes out the requirement of manual flushing and turns the separator into an automatic system. Small separators can be mounted on the wall, hung from the main piping, or placed on legs if required.

Features & Specifications

  • Patented Hydrodynamic Design Innovative hydrodynamic design to create maximum centrifugal action to separate particles heavier than water
  • Standard Pure Polyester / Epoxy Coating for Protecting from Corrosion Coated with more than 70 micron thick deep blue colored pure Polyester powder on outer surface & Epoxy coating from inner side for protection against corrosion and weather effects
  • Innovative Water Inlet Innovative water inlet provided to create centrifugal action
  • Equipped with Diffuser Plate Special diffuser plate is provided to settle dirt particle and push them in to chamber
  • Various Optional Connections Available Supplied with threaded, flanged & Easy Fix™ joint for inlet and outlet connection
  • Effective Draining Facility Provided 20mm ‘8’ shape end stop with tube provided to drain silt/ sand particles from collection chamber
  • No moving parts to wear out – This eliminates mechanical failures and troublesome replacement parts.
  • Highest trapping efficiency – 90% trapping efficiency for particle size above 75 micron & specific gravity more than 2.5.
  • No downtime requirements – All units are designed to operate continuously with no routine shutdowns for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Low pressure loss – Require no more than 0.3 – 0.8 Kg/ cm² loss for effective solids removal without troublesome pressure fluctuations.
  • Reduces load on secondary Media / Screen filter – Reduces the frequency of cleaning for Media / Screen filter when installed before them.
  • Fully Automatic Option – On demand Jain Sand Separator can also be supplied with fully automatic option.