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Screw Conveyors with Compactor for Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Solutions
Screw Conveyors with Compactor for Wastewater Treatment Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments
Screw Conveyors with Compactor for Wastewater Treatment Dutcotennant

Screw conveyors with compactor are the equipment which consist of a screw conveyor and a compaction zone at the end, and offer a simple and low-cost solution for conveying, dewatering and compaction of the screenings, sludge or other process materials. Reliable design of this equipment allows it to be used in many fields such as municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. They have a compaction unit at the end of the screw conveyor differently from Sismat Uluslararası Screw Conveyors. These equipment are the cost-effective solutions for both transporting and compacting of screening materials or sludge. They provide a combined operation in one unit and reduce the investment cost and operation cost. Main working logic of this type of equipment is based on that the materials conveyed are dewatered and pressed at the final part of the screw, and then discharged from the system. In this way, the volume of materials is greatly reduced and materials can be easily transported. Final part of the screw, used as compaction zone, is surrounded by a sieve which can be manufactured from wedge-wire or perforated plates. Sismat Uluslararası Screw Conveyors with Compactor are mainly made up of inlet hopper, screw, trough, compaction unit, support legs and drive unit.

• Robust and reliable structure
• Limited clogging risk
• No odour and noise problem due to the fully enclosed design
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Low investment, operation and maintenance cost
• Low energy consumption