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Model DSC4 Water Pumps

Type DSC4 Submersible pump is fabricated from rugged cast iron equipped with a heavy-duty motor suitable for large scale sewage and water water pumps application. Due to its air-filled, heavy-duty class H and class F insulated motor, it is capable of operating in cooler conditions with high-efficiency. It is also responsible for enhancing the durability of operations.

Ideal for sewage, municipal water and wastewater and even flood control applications. There are several operational benefits that this pumping solution offers with its features.


  • Watertight cable entry system for protection against capillary action, moisture and to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Self-cooling jacket offer increased reliability and to effectively dissipate heat that results in long operating life.
  • Float type leakage detector to send early warning of mechanical seal failure.
  • Cartridge type, duplex mechanical seal delivering easy maintenance and high reliability.
  • High-efficiency closed type impellers allow larger solids passage with high outputs and ensure lower thrust load for long bearing life.