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Slope Oil & Oil Refining Effluent Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment Process Plant

Oily waste water has different kind of sources from slope oil, dewatering, oil and gas, produced water, edible oil production, tank cleaning, refining and similar other process. Oily effluent can have free or emulsified oil where in treatment process includes oil water separators, coalesce media filters, cross flow separators, dissolved air floatation, induced gas floatation, API, CPI, TPI system for treating and separating oily waste water.

Oily waste water treatment has vide variety as the source of oily water will be from different industrial process like :

Refining, Slope Oil, Food Processing, Tank cleaning, Catering, kitchen, ground water, drilling, dewatering, vehicle wash maintenance and garage work shop, produced water. etc.

Based on the above process it can be of free floating and emulsified. Each has different kind of techniques to be utilized for removal, separation and reduction.

Oily water treatment has wide scope and range treatment methods. Oil recovery and refining are the major process around which the treatment process revolve.