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Treated Sewage Effluent Plant for Water Treatment Water Treatment Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Treated Sewage Effluent plant is the new segment in waste water treatment where in the treated sewage/effluent is further treated to a level that it can be utilized back in the process. And process water requirement can be compensated through TSE water. The objective of the TSE plants is to effectively utilize the currently wasted resources for financially sustainable long term resource utilization solution for the process water need. TSE water have multiple benefits and can be used for landscaping, industrial, commercial, and district cooling plants.

Treated sewage effluent (TSE) and wastewater have tremendous potential in supplementing the ever-growing water demand. It can be effectively recycled for both potable and non-potable purposes, provided it meets specific water quality requirements and type of application. The generation of treated wastewater is also cheaper and consumes lower energy when compared to desalinated water. Nevertheless, wastewater effluent contains a wide range of pathogens and other pollutants including chemicals of emerging concerns and heavy metals. Most of district cooling plant require TSE plant for replenishing fresh water requirement need.