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Smoke Vents Access Door & Panels

We offer a complete line of smoke vents designed to meet all fire and life safety building codes. Rooftop smoke vents automatically open to release heat, smoke, and noxious fumes in the event of a fire emergency, as required by International Building Code (IBC 910 Heat & Smoke Vents, IBC 410 Stages & Platforms, IBC 3004 Hoistway Vents). Contact our expert sales department for guidance in selecting smoke vents for your next project. Our smoke vents are reliable and affordable access panels. The single door configuration is ideal for factory and storage/warehouse occupancies along with hoistway and elevator shafts.

Design considerations include total vent area required by code and application, effective vent area, and the roof structural support system. Fire can have devastating damages but what works as much deadlier is the smoke. A smoke hatch has been designed for allowing the smoke to leave the building during a fire event which decreases the inhalation of smoke along with reducing the damages caused by fire. Automatic Vent systems work by getting opened automatically whenever fire is detected. This offers an escape route for the smoke so that it gets channeled out of the structure rather than getting built up inside a confined space. It is reported that smoke can cause much more deaths compared to fire as it decreases the oxygen amount available in the air for breathing and also due to the inhalation of toxic fumes like carbon monoxide. Being harmful to breathe in, smoke and hot air can get built up inside a building in flames which can cause heat damage and also eventually lead to explosions. So due to all these reasons, the main priorities during fire events are for minimizing the built-up of smoke inside the building. Automatic smoke vents can save lives by decreasing the inhalation of smoke and keep the fire escape routes completely free of smoke. They can help the firefighters to do their job perfectly by improving the visibility and revealing the source of the smoke. These vents can also prevent damage which can lead to the collapsing of the building. The smoke vents work just like skylights and windows which offers an escape route for the hot air and smoke. They can work automatically when the fire breaks out. Detecting the smoke or fire inside the building, the sensor opens a roof vent or window for allowing the smoke to escape through it. There is no intervention needed.


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