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Solar Pumping System Agriculture and Horticulture

In the present times, consistent and clean water is highly mandatory. But sadly, a large number of people living in this world do not have access to this basic thing. The solar pump uses a solar energy system which is an amazing technology both environmentally and socially for supplying water in remote locations. This is a highly economical technology. Generally, remote places mainly depend depends on diesel engines, manpower for supplying the water. These pumps can replace the present pumps for offering several benefits like socioeconomic and weather-related. These pumps are applicable mostly in water stock and irrigation. Solar pumps utilize solar energy for functioning. They are robust with a simple installation and minimal maintenance requirement and quite expensive when compared with normal water pumps. They can function for around 20 years. But the solar panels need occasional cleaning to function well. They are used mainly in areas having electricity problems otherwise a consistent power supply is not accessible.

When the sun rays fall on the PV panels then the solar panel transforms the rays into electrical energy with the help of Si wafers which are fixed within the PV panels. Then the solar energy gets supplied to the electrical motor for operating the pumping system with the help of cables. With the revolution of the shaft which is fixed to the pump, the pump then picks up the soil water and supplies it to the fields.


  • The installation of solar pumps is flexible and it is applicable for several applications.
  • Solar Pumps allow people to take care of their water supply for drinking, irrigation, farming, and other applications.
  • In general, cases, using the water in summer are the maximum. During summer, the PV panels can generate the highest amount of power so that more amount of water can be pumped right into the water tank.
  • Solar technology is consistent and needs a very small amount of protection.