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Chemical Lab Solutions Solid Phase Extraction Chemical Lab Solutions

Solid Phase Extraction systems (also known as SPE systems) fully automate SPE workflow from cartridge conditioning to sample derivatization on a single deck with innovative modules. The same platform can also perform protein precipitation and liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), with options to have both Positive Pressure and Vacuum Manifold systems attached for various protocol functions. With the combination of the ReagentDrop™, Heater-Shaker, Gripper, and Nitrogen Dryer, these modules act to produce contamination-free sample pre-processing, and trace analyte enrichment, before performing sample analysis by a chromatography-based platform (HPLC / GC).

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) systems and equipment are highly scalable for different throughputs and budgets. From the compact VERSA 10 to the highly customizable VERSA 1100, they assist applications in forensics, environmental samples, pharmaceutical compound analysis (ADME), clinical samples, and food safety.


Deck Capacity 15
Pipetting Head (Single Channel Function, Disposable Tip) 4 or 8 Channel
ReagentDrop up to 8
Supported Cartridges 1, 3 or 6 mL cartridges or 96 SPE cartridge plate
Gripper Gripper
Pressure Module(s) 4 channel positive pressure module and/or vacuum manifold (negative pressure)
Nitrogen Dryer 24 or 96 channels
Shaker-Heater (2400rpm, RT to 90°C) Optional
Reagent Block Cooler Optional
Liquid Level Sensing Optional for Liquid Liquid Extraction
HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure Included
Width x Depth x Height (cm) 99 x 75 x 90
Weight (kg) 162


  • Food Safety
  • Vitamin D from Blood/Serum Samples
  • Drugs of Abuse in Forensic Analysis
  • Compounds for Drug Discovery
  • Iso-Flavonoides from Urine Samples
  • Aflatoxins from Seafood Products
  • Growth Promoters in Blood
  • Semi-Volatile or Non-Volatile Analytes