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The Twisselman Extraction units of the E-816 series are especially well suited for extracting fat from food and feed samples. Until now there were the two variants “Soxhlet” and “Hot extraction”.

Now there is an additional variant for automated continuous extraction following the Twisselmann principle - the E-816 ECE. To do this, the solvent passes through the sample twice:

once with hot solvent vapour that rises through the sample and second, when the condensed solvent drips from the condenser on top of the sample. Therefore, there is particularly efficient contact between the sample and solvent which makes this method time-saving.

The new E-816 ECE is an especially economic and inexpensive solution for fat extraction due to its short extraction time and solvent requirement. A further advantage: It fulfills the requirements of many official methods, e.g. Amtliche Sammlung (official Federal compilation of methods) according to §64 LFGB L01.00-20. Working with the instrument is really easy: Place the sample into an extraction thimble or glass frit, fill with solvent, select method, start extraction – and everything runs automatically.

Solvent, extraction and drying time and the heating capacity can be defined and saved in 40 methods. The Extraction Unit automatically extracts the sample for as long as specified in the method. In the following drying step, the solvent is evaporated until dry and then collected in the integrated solvent tank.

Technical Data

Soxhlet (SOx) Hot extraction (HE) Twisselmann (ECE)
Extraction Time 120 min 40 min 60 min
Solvent requirement(per position) 120 mL 80 mL 70 mL