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Stainless Steel Penstocks Sewage

The Stainless Steel penstock(Sluice gates) construction allows a very large design flexibility, the result being a lighter weight and easier-to-install gate. The frame can be either open (no yoke) or self-contained configurations, providing a solid one piece gate. In the case of an open frame with operator, an operating floor located over the channel to support the pedestal is necessary. Stainless Steel penstocks have very good corrosion and erosion resistance and can be operated many years with a minimum maintenance.

Depending on the direction of water pressure acting on the gate, the penstocks are classified as below.

  • On-Seating Penstock: On-seating head refers to the water pressure forcing the penstock into the wall/ Frame.
  • Off-Seating Penstock: Off-seating head refers to the water pressure forcing the stoplogs out of the wall/ Frame.
  • On-Off Seating Penstock : Penstock designed to withstand water pressure both against the wall/Frame and away from wall/Frame.

Salient Features

  • Materials: Stainless steel grade SS316/SS304/Duplex/Super Duplex
  • Application: Pumping stations, Sewage treatment plants, Sea Water intake and sea outfall applications
  • Configuration: 4-sides sealing, 3-sides sealing, Special profile, Roller gates
  • Standards: Stainless steel penstocks are designed to meet and exceed AWWA C561-14 standard. Also meets AWWA C563, BS7775 and DIN 19569 leakage rate standards.
  • Mounting: Channel, wall mounting, flush bottom
  • Thrust tubes: Generally not needed
  • Water pressure & Duty: These penstocks can be designed against any water pressure or metric water column (MWC). Depending on the capacity to withstand varies water pressure, the penstocks are also classified as Light duty, medium duty or heavy duty.
  • Replaceable seals leading to low maintenance.
  • Testing: Hydrostatic pressure testing available upon request.
  • Type: Rising & Non-rising spindle.
  • Operation: Manual, Gearbox, Electric & hydraulic actuation