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Model DG Water Pumps

Submersible Sewage Grinders are powerful equipment that are designed to crush waste into fine particles for smooth flow. The submersible grinder pump is equipped with a heavy-duty and unique grinder mechanism at its suction port that operates to crush foreign matter (including plastics, kitchen wastes, rubber and cloth) that are contained in drainage.

Its vortex hydraulic design allows for clog-free drainage by pressure. Made from robust stainless steel, this unit is capable of maintaining its grinding operations for a longer service life. Our submersible sewage grinder pump has varied applications such as drainage transfer in farming areas, drainage transfer from drain tanks at industrial and commercial sites, household sewage and drainage transfer and small scale sewage transfer.


  • High torque motor
  • Clog-free drainage with vortex impeller
  • Prevent leakage with double mechanical seal
  • High-strength stainless steel made grinder mechanism for powerful grinding of suspended waste matter