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The Leica BLK3D is a real-time, in-picture 3D measurement solution. By combining measurement sensors, software, and on-device edge data processing capabilities, the Leica BLK3D makes in-picture measurements with professional-grade accuracy in real-time possible. Every image captured is a complete and precise 3D measurement record.

Its edge computing capabilities eliminate the need for network connections and cloud services, ensuring professionals can make faster decisions within their daily workflows – whether measuring inaccessible locations, creating floor plans, estimating building installations, documenting construction site progress or creating measurable, as-built documentation.


  • Informed decisions on the spot In-picture measurement information is available immediately on the handheld 3D Imager. Data is processed on device, meaning there is no need for data transfer or a network connection.
  • Capture and document existing conditions Construction plans often do not reflect reality. Therefore, measurable images that reflect ‘as-built’ conditions are a great support for validation, facility management and future renovation projects.
  • Increased efficiency Manual measurements and documentation are time consuming and error prone. Duplicate efforts of measuring, sketching, writing down the information and then entering it into a digital solution are streamlined.
  • Measurable photo documentation Document your work with a complete visual and measurable archive of your project using existing PDF plans. Send 3D images captured by Imager to your computer where they can be opened and edited with the BLK3D Desktop Software.
  • Capture and document existing conditions Measure distance or area in 3D with the aid of the same advanced snapping algorithms that are on board the BLK3D itself. The BLK3D Desktop keeps projects organized and can export measurements as CAD drawings, JPGs, or PDFs.
  • 3D Modeler Create 3D CAD models from measurements with the optional 3D Modeler. The 3D Modeler can be used to extract dimensions and geometry to create 3D CAD models (DXF or DXG).