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Pegasus Stream - Mobile Sensor Platforms Surveying Solutions

The Pegasus Stream mobile mapping solution combines the Pegasus: Two sensor platform with a ground penetrating radar (GPR) trolley, making it the only vehicle towed above and below the ground reality capture platform for mass infrastructure asset digitisation.

Capturing data with GPR, cameras and a LiDAR profiler gives you an extensive 3D map of underground utilities, survey-grade surface features and a complete asset management solution.

The Pegasus Stream represents innovation in mobile GPR data capture. Through high density data acquisition, it delivers reliable interpretations of underground assets. Risk to personnel is reduced with live data being captured from the vehicle towed frame of dual frequency antennas that waives the need for static traffic management and reduces disruption.


  • Collect up to 100 km per day at 15 km/hr, providing digital documentation for GIS and CAD modelling of above and below ground infrastructures
  • Make buried objects visible and uncovers potential dangers such as unintentionally damaging utility assets when digging
  • Increase safety and minimises unnecessary costs of utility outages
  • Save time and avoid stopping the traffic while mass digitising infrastructure assets, such as street signs above and pipes below
  • Capture longitude and latitude of buried assets up to 10 m below ground
  • The integrated Pegasus:Two sensor platform captures calibrated imagery and point cloud data together, meaning you never forget an object and have to return to a project site.