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Utility locators, construction professionals, environmental firms and land surveyors need a reliable, non-destructive method to locate subsurface targets prior to digging, trenching, conducting site assessments and mapping.

The UtilityScan and Profiler EMP-400 are the preferred tools by professionals based on accuracy and ease of use. These attributes make it a necessary surveying solution tool for damage prevention on construction sites.


  • Locate and Map Underground Utilities with GPR : Construction professionals, utility locators and engineers can locate the depth and position of metallic and non-metallic pipes in real time using the GSSI UtilityScan. GPR can enhance one’s overall understanding of subsurface targets and obstructions.
  • Use GPR to Identify Underground Voids : Construction professionals, engineers and transportation departments can identify and delineate voids under the surface with ground penetrating radar.
  • Locating Duct Banks with GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar : Utility locators, surveyors and engineering firms can locate the position and depth of utility duct banks by using GSSI ground penetrating radar (GPR).
  • Locate Septic Systems with GSSI GPR and EM : Contractors and construction professionals can quickly identify tanks, pipes, and leech fields in septic areas using GSSI ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction (EM) equipment.
  • Locate Underground Storage Tanks with Ground Penetrating Radar : Contractors, engineers and utility locators use ground penetrating radar to accurately pinpoint underground storage tanks and associated piping.