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Transformer Winding Resistance Meter (HV&MV) Generation

SCOPE introduces 50 A state of the art precision winding resistance meter, specially designed for field testing as well as factory testing of large transformers up to 500 MVA. Winding resistance value of transformer and rotating machine are directly displayed on 5.7” TFT display. TRM 50 is designed to work in live EHV switchyard conditions, ensuring operator’s safety and repeatability of results. Maintenance time saving is ensured by one time connection to transformer with simultaneous resistance measurement of three / six windings, measurement of resistances of all taps with automated tap change and demagnetization facility. The meter is protected against the back-EMF offered by large inductive windings.


  • Can measure DC winding resistance of large rotating machines, highly inductive test objects like Transformer, Generators and Motors etc.
  • 50 A DC current makes it possible to measure low resistances with high accuracy.
  • One time connection to either all windings of primary and / or secondary. Simultaneous measurement reduces
  • connection and measurement time.
  • Change in winding resistance, short or open windings can be detected from measured values.
  • Automatic temperature measurement and temperature corrected value calculation.
  • Measurements of winding resistance of all taps of phases in one go. Recoding, printing and storage of results.
  • OLTC contact opening and compete OLTC performance test facility. Testing of either single or three phases in one test. Single report generation.
  • To know condition of OLTC contacts, OLTC mechanism, transition resistor.
  • Discharges and demagnetizes the object after test.