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Dutco Tennant LLC is a very well known name for supplying a wide range of Ultrafiltration water treatment systems. With our believe in reliable and high quality systems which brings in high return of investments to the clients, we always bring to you the most advance range of solutions. While you rely on us for qualified range of systems, it is guaranteed for you to get the best output.

An important process known as ultrafiltration can separate colloids and micro organic molecules from water having higher effectiveness and efficiency. The process is used as the pre-treatment to RO and ion exchange. A large number of clients who vouch for the most superior range of products have been supplied the most advanced range of ultrafiltration water systems by us. It is preferred by several applications currently as the pressure requirement is becoming less than RO system. All of our Ultrafiltration Plant Systems offer superior output due to the smoothness of operations, stringent design, and excellent customer service. We make sure that our filtration plant provides optimum output and high effectiveness. The separation technique ultrafiltration uses membranes of pore size of 01 to .001 microns. For removing impurities of high molecular weight, this method is used. It can remove organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and colloidal material. But for removing low molecular weight ions or molecules like sulfate, calcium, sodium and magnesium chloride it is ineffective. The osmotic pressure difference in this filtraton method is negligible across the surface if the membrane as the filtration is done for high molecular weight particles.Hence, you don’t need to apply high pressures to achieve high flux rates. The amount of permeate products passing through the per unit area of membrane in a unit time is known as flux rate. Before supplying tested and inspected ultrafiltration plant to you, we test it under stringent quality parameters and tough testing conditions. So this takes away the chances of you getting delivered an inferior quality product failing to meet your expectations. We rather try to serve you with products which goes beyond your satisfaction levels.