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UPVC Pipe and Fitting Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

UPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is based mainly on PVC which is thought to be the most versatile polymer available in the modern market. PVC is famously used in various facets of life but it is also formulated uniquely for preparing a combination known as UPVC. UPVC is an amazing piping material and comes with various advantages that are unmatched and not available with any other material. Because of its amazing resistance to chemicals and natural elements, UPVC is regarded as an amazing choice for agricultural and horticulture applications. The pipes and fittings which we supply are very economical and easy to use. They offer a wide range of advantages compared with the conventional piping systems. These plumbing systems offer a maintenance-free solution for long, rust-free, and corrosion resistance service life. In comparison with traditional G.I. pipes, they are technically cost-effective, superior, and offer various advantages.


  • Highly resistant to chemicals and can be used popularly for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • Resistant to UV rays and also to rain and water.
  • Highly recyclable and energy-efficient for which it is regarded as an environment-friendly option.
  • Highly durable because of the use of galvanized steel during production.
  • It has a self-extinguishing nature which makes it the best choice for safety.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • These pipes are light in weight, resilient, and durable.
  • The pipes have been manufactured using eco-friendly and virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds.
  • UPVC pipes are non-metallic in nature and are resistant to all types of metallic corrosion