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Vibratory Polisher Metallography Lab Equipment

Vibratory Polisher removes minor deformation remaining after mechanical preparation revealing a stress-free surface without need for the hazardous electrolytes required by electro-polishers.

Vibratory Polisher is designed to prepare high quality polished surfaces on a wide variety of materials, including EBSD applications. The 7200 cycles per minute horizontal motion produces a very effective polishing action, providing superior results, exceptional flatness and less deformation.


  • High Quality Polish : Unique horizontal motion provides high quality polish.
  • Deformation free specimen surface : Horizontal motion gently polishes specimen without inducing mechanical stresses.
  • No need for hazardous chemicals : Replaces electro-polisher and hazardous electrolytes.
  • Set-Up and Walk Away : Vibratory action naturally rotates specimens around polishing bowl.