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DI Flanged Type Fittings Sewage

With our wide and varied range of fittings in accordance with EN 545/ EN 598, we offer ductile iron fittings, the most suitable solution for almost all applications, completed with our special fittings. Many of these products are manufactured according to relevant norms & certificates or according to customer requirement.

Our program includes the following ductile iron fittings from diameter DN 40 up to DN 1600 with pressure Rating PN 10/16 and PN 25
  • Flanged spigots ductile iron fittings pipe with puddle flanges according to customer required length
  • Double flanged sewage pipes with puddle with boss and side flanged outlet
  • Double flanged bends 11° – 90°
  • Double flanged duck foot bends
  • Double flanged bends 90°
  • Double flanged Reducer( concentric & Eccentric)
  • Tee (Equal & Unequal)
  • Cross
  • Studded Reducer Flange
  • Blank flanges
  • Adaption flange pipe


  • Body : Ductile Iron
  • Coating : Fusion bonded Epoxy 300 microns inside/ outside and cement lined inside & Bitumen coated outside
  • Nominal pressure : PN 10/PN16/PN25 and PN 40 on request
  • OVGW,KIWA,DVGW & WRAS approved
  • Standrad flanges : EN 1092-2, PN10/PN16/PN25. PN 40 on request
  • Special fittings are available on request( Nonstandard length)