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Repair Clamps Sewage
Repair clamps made pipe repair quick & easy. Process of repair :
  • Wrap clamp around pipe. Bring together using locking washer plate.
  • Lock in place. Squeeze the lugs together and spin the nuts down.
  • Tighten the nuts evenly working from the outside to the inside with a wrench. Detailed instructions are attached to each clamp.

We offer to provide you with sewage Repair clamps for all kinds of special needs, including very large diameter, varying O.D. sections, high temperatures, concrete joints, and cracked iron pipe Bell joints.


  • Easier to attach Repair Clamp to pipe
  • Safely attach Repair Clamps to Pipe - Clamp is held in place while the nuts are tightened
  • Easier to slide Repair Clamp into place over leak
  • Compact tool size
  • Materials resistant to wear
  • Saves time during installation
  • More consistent installations
  • Able to handle harsh environments
  • Designed for Left–handed or Right-handed use
  • Easy to use