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Coupling Potable Water

Dutco Tennant LLC has been able to achieve recognition among a high-status list of corporate and government clientele for the last four decades. We have been sighted as a leader in supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals ranging from construction to networking to electrical. We have participated in many infrastructural projects like hospitals, hotels, universities, offices, wastewater plants, airports, etc which are working towards the development and creation of an advanced world.

We have various products and service offerings to choose from. Our products are divided into business units. Among the several categories of business units, Waste & Waste Water products are one of the widest and important branches. Pipeline Accessories and products are all parts of this section. Coupling is a very useful product and we have a wide range for that. Ranger Coupling pipe is designed to join pipes of various outside diameters with the same or different nominal bore. Ranger Couplings can be used as a Straight or Step Coupling.Gripper Coupling pipe is designed to resist end pullout on PE and PVC pipes, it is the fastening action of the gripper rings that secure the coupling onto the pipe resisting end pullout.Ranger couplings in the form of wide range couplings and flange adaptors are designed to join pipes of various outside diameters with the same or different nominal bore. The wide range tolerance on O.D. allows a single ranger coupling to be able to connect steel, ductile iron, UPVC, cast iron, asbestos cement, and other rigid pipe materials. The ability to join dissimilar pipe materials acts as a bonus feature in both repair and permanent situations. These products have application in the reticulation of potable water, wastewater, and sewage as well as in the marine, mining, oil, gas and general engineering sectors. The gaskets are designed to provide a leak-tight seal across the O.D. range per nominal size and still allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe up to 5mm per gasket, facilitated through gasket deformation.

Sizes : 50 - 2000NB

Working Pressure: 10/16/25 Bar*

Some advantages of using this product :

  • It joins popes of different outside diameters in steel, ductile iron, cast iron, A.C. and UPVC.
  • Quickfit, for installation without disassembling
  • The EPDM rubber gasket is ribbed for a positive compression seal which works even on the corroded pipe.
  • It has Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating which gives it protection from corrosion

Coupling Video


  • Full bore.
  • Complete water tightness.
  • According to ISO, UNE, DIN, NF, BS and AWWA standards.
  • Fully corrosion resistant construction
  • Non Toxic Blue fusion bonded epoxy coating