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Application delivery is a mechanism to deliver application functionality quickly and efficiently to users. Traditionally, hardware application delivery controllers were used to deliver applications. But cloud-native application architectures require a new application delivery solution. These solutions provide application delivery optimization by allowing enterprises to create a highly scalable application delivery model which makes application services available when required. It does this by automating the deployment of new ADC’s when required.

Application delivery refers to the pool of services that combine to provide application functionality, usually web-based software applications, from the data centers or cloud environments where they require data processing and computing is executed to the application clients or end-users over the internet. The services for delivering applications on a network infrastructure aim to provide reliable user experience by providing, load balancing, security, latency and TCP optimizations which combine to provide application content seamlessly. Business IT teams’ role in application delivery focuses on how applications are architected and managed within the data center, and cloud hosting services.

An application delivery network provides application availability, security, visibility, and acceleration. The technologies are deployed together in a combination of WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) and application delivery controllers (ADCs). The application delivery controller distributes traffic among many servers. The WAN optimization controller uses caching and compression to reduce the number of bits that flow over a network. ADNs typically assist in the acceleration of content delivery, especially immediate and dynamic content such as online gaming and trading.

Benefits –

  • A cloud-native application delivery system offers the following IT benefits:
  • Simplified infrastructure: Replaces hardware-based application servers with a public cloud service that is better equipped to scale globally without compromising delivery quality.
  • Reduced costs: Companies spend less on customer support when the user experience improves with application performance. A cloud-native application delivery process also saves on hardware acquisition and maintenance costs.
  • Increased productivity: Efficiency is optimized when employees can quickly access the information and services on applications from any device, anywhere. A cloud-native application delivery process makes it possible for applications to perform faster.
  • Improved end-user experience: Customers will increasingly use and prefer high-performance applications made possible by an efficient cloud-based application delivery process.

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