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Educational & Training is one of the most important industry and we are committed to providing the best service in this industry. We work with a technical expert to bring forward the products for our customers that will address key concerns for both now, and for the future. This expertise helps us to stay ahead of the industry curve and allows us to provide education solutions to top-tier institutions in the Middle East and GCC region.

We are established as one of the foremost finest quality and reliable laboratory training equipment provider in the Middle East and Gulf area. Our product range is suitable for learning institutions as they are easy to understand and easy to train. Contractors and consultants work with us to provide this training equipment for various schools, colleges, and other educational organizations. We can even provide education solutions and customized materials research solutions for our aim of achieving maximum client satisfaction. We have provided education and Training solutions manufactured by global vendors to many projects. For the educational & training branch, material research is a bigger segment. This segment deals with the research of various materials metals like semiconductor, ceramics, and polymers. The basis of materials research involves studying the structure of materials and relating them to their properties. We provide equipment which can be used for various applications like - Physical Properties Measurement systems, Electro-Magnets, Ellipsometry & SPR, Nano-indentors, Cryogenics systems, AFM’s & SEM’s, Probe Stations, Depositions Systems, Raman Systems.

Atomic Force Microscope is a famous and useful form of microscope tool which is used for enabling research at all levels. Dutco Tennant LLC has been leading the expansion of atomic force microscope (AFM) capabilities by supplying this equipment to many clients in the Middle East and GCC area. Over the past few years, we have partnered with many manufacturers around the globe to help them develop innovative capabilities in various discipline of science. AFM combines resolution and speed for doing materials research for education and industrial production.

We offer the world's best AFMs for both materials and life science applications.

AFM Applications :

AFMs are used in a wide range of research applications in Universities research labs and Testing Labs that may include :

  • Biomaterials
  • Biomolecules, Membranes & Assemblies
  • Cells & Tissues
  • Energy Storage
  • Food Science
  • Force Measurements
  • General AFM Technology
  • Graphene & 2D Materials
  • Magnetics & Data Storage
  • Nanoelectrical Characterisation
  • Nanomechanical Characterisation
  • Piezo and Ferroelectrics