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Wastewater Ball Type Check Valve Wastewater Solutions
Wastewater Ball Type Check Valve Valves for Wastewater

Ball Type Check Valves are a check valve in which the closing member or the movable part which is used to block the flow is a ball. It means that the valve functions by means of a ball that moves up and down inside the valve. To fit the ball, the seat is machined accordingly and the chamber has been shaped conically for guiding the ball into the seat to seal and stop reverse flow.

The design is simple and robust without the involvement of any mechanism. The ball is rubber-coated. In conventional check valves, the hinge-pin-disc mechanism is used which is eliminated in this case and instead of that, a rubber-coated ball is inserted to use to arrest the flow media in return condition. As soon as the pump starts, the ball completely moves out from the flow path giving a full bore maximum flow/discharge with minimum head losses. And with the ending of the pumping, the ball rolls back and seats perfectly on the rounded valves seat ensuring a completely leak-proof seating. It is possible to choose a lighter ball if the pump capacity is not sufficient and if a water hammer occurs when the pump stops; it may be solved by selecting a heavier ball. Ball check valves are the preferred choice for use in pumping stations which are rarely attended as they need only limited maintenance mainly in cases when the ball makes noise caused by insufficient pump capacity or water hammer.

We offer ball check valves that have the self-cleaning ability and as the ball rotates during operation which eliminates the risk of impurities getting stuck on the ball. The standard design of the ball is the NBR rubber-lined metal core of which the hardness is optimized for preventing the ball from getting stuck in the seat. In cases where different ball weights are needed to prevent noise and water hammer, balls of polyurethane are suitable for abrasive media. Full flow with low-pressure loss is ensured by a smooth bore which also eliminates any risk of deposits at the bottom that could prevent tight closure.

Applications: -

Clean water, Raw water, Sewage, Slurry, Waste water, Viscous liquids etc.

Preferred Industries -

Fire fighting, Plumbing, Water distribution, Water/Sewage treatment, Irrigation/agriculture, Sewage plants, Steel mills, Power stations, Chemical/process industries, HVAC, Sugar/food industry, Breweries, Mining



  • Light Weight.
  • Minimal wear on moving parts.
  • Compact design and low weight.
  • Small and simple design and hence Cheaper.
  • Smooth bore eliminates the risk of deposits at the bottom.
  • Full bore ensures low pressure loss and minimum back pressure.
  • Self-cleaning construction, where the ball rotates during operation eliminating the risk of impurities getting stuck on the ball.
  • The ball is optionally available in polyurethane suitable for abrasive media and if different ball weights are necessary to prevent vibration and water hammer.
  • Bolts and nuts of stainless steel and body and cover of ductile iron with epoxy coating internally and externally according to AVK coating standard.