For a wide range of reasons, materials testing is done as it can offer various information about the materials which are tested, samples of the product, or prototypes. The collected data during the test and the final test results can be extremely useful for the designers, engineers, production managers, and others.

Here are some of the reasons for which it is important to have material testing –

  • Selecting suitable materials and treatments for any application
  • To meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies
  • Verifying the process of production
  • Evaluating the design of the product or improving the specifications

In critical applications, a wide number of products are used in which any failure can result in extensive injury or damage. Some examples can be manufactured parts and fasteners which are having a vital role in maintaining the safety of bridges, aircraft, nuclear reactors, vehicles, medical implants, and equipment for the military. Adding to that, various jurisdictions have been adopting legislation that restricts the usage of hazardous materials. In such cases, the regulatory bodies and governments set various compliance requirements which are required to be met by the manufacturers. Companies are required to stand by these standards that mainly specify the test procedures for proving compliance.

The department of Material Testing is a very diverse range of applications that spans several industries and even much wider varieties of materials starting with composites, metal, and ceramics to textiles, polymers, geomaterials, concrete, and various others are covered. To verify the characteristics of the material, a complete science testing solution is important that helps to detect the defects, diagnosing the failures, performing basic research on the theoretical strengths of the material.

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