Sewage treatment is one of the most important wastewater treatment processes. The municipal wastewater consists of waste liquid from households and industries and to cause less harm to the environment in which it is discharged, this waste is treated.

In basic sewage treatment, mainly three segments are involved which are – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Treatments. In the primary treatment, the sedimentation process is involved to remove contaminants, in the secondary treatment, the biological process is used to treat the settled sewage while the tertiary process is the final stage which improves the quality of the effluent.

When it comes to the absorption of contaminants from water, activated carbon is highly effective. This process basically involves the absorption of unwanted contaminants from waste-water. Initially, activated carbon is treated with oxygen which helps the charcoal to open up millions of tiny pores. Carbon absorbs micropollutants like chlorine, methane, organic compounds, and even the taste and odor of water.

Due to the large surface area of Activated carbon filter, it is highly effective for absorbing contaminants from wastewater. It removes chlorine from wastewater. The chlorine removal process fills the wide pores of the carbon and hence gradually impurities are removed.

Apart from this, the carbon in the activated carbon filter process also absorbs organic compounds. The capacity of this process depends on the physical properties of the surface area of the activated carbon, the amount of hydrogen and oxygen contains the concentration level of the impurities, duration of the treatment and also the pH level of the water used.

Also as a pre-treatment process in other waste treatment processes, the activated carbon filter processes can be used, like in ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis process. With the combination of activated carbon and ozonation, micropollutants can be easily removed. It also increases the life span of activated carbon filters.

Benefits of Using Activated Carbon Filter 

  • 90% efficiency rate to absorb contaminants
  • Easy to operate the filtration process
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Removes chlorine, organics, bad taste, and odor effectively
  • Cost effective – reduced installation cost
  • Operating costs – limited to filter replacement
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Best to remove large organic molecules
  • Can be used in households as well as at wastewater treatment plants

Moreover, Activated Carbon Filter is ideal for removing pollutants from water using the absorption process and is a relatively low-cost operation which is highly effective for removing unwanted contaminants from wastewater.

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