According to our resolve to bring the latest technologies to the Middle East market, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied highly developed Bio reactors to an important and renowned education institution in the Gulf. The product has been contrived by Infors Ht, Switzerland – a well known manufacturer. In this project, our work span was delivering, installation, and complete training for the users. The Bio reactors named as Multifors 2 and Minifors 2 are bench-top Bio Reactors used for doing sustainable energy research. Dutco Tennant LLC is a well known analytical solutions dealer which includes class research equipment.

With Multifors 2 you can continue six bio-processes together. Selection of preconfigured packages and various connection potential and options, equips you for optimizing urbane bio-processes on a small scale. Inventive Multifors 2 is a compacted, free-standing reactor device with six culture containers on three base parts. To give you more suppleness in the lab, we have arranged the containers into groups of two which you can take apart or rearrange as you like. It has an integrated touch screen controller which lets you see your bio-processes at a glance, and control your containers.

Benefits of Bio-Reactors:

Integrated analog feed pump is a regular feature which makes the bioreactor straight away ready for tasks. The unit has three digital pumps for bases, acids, and anti-foaming agents. You can use up to four things (Air, N2 , O2 and CO2 ) in virtually any combination. You can select either a mass-flow regulator or a rotameter for accurate feed. Based on the requirements, additional sensors and actuators can be linked.

Minifors 2 is a compacted and easily usable bioreactor with varied application possibilities. It is a whole package that enables both, basic and experienced users to effortlessly do microbial work. The Minifors 2 makes working with bio-process simple. The bioreactor is delivered ready to use. Plug in the device, place the vessel, attach pumps and sensors, and start working immediately. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and well known lab research equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area, contact us for such products.