Dutco Tennant LLC’s Pipe Support systems have been made to work in every possible harsh condition. For decades, our pipe supports have found use in various industries worldwide. Our Pipe supports are designed to hold pipe from a base structure where vertical fine-tuning is required. Pipe Supports allow longitudinal movement due to thermal extension and reduction of pipe. They are loaded with Protection shields and saddles which prevent damage to pipe insulation.

About Our Pipe Support System:

You can use these products for buildings in housing and industrial areas. They are suitable for supporting various pipes in residential areas. They have various advantages such as highly resilient body, strong fastening screws, and durability thanks to supporting rib.

Pipe Supports designed to handle extreme temperature ranges can fit into most common residential applications. Important features of the products are - supporting screws with combination cross-head, trouble free handling thanks to curved flange, clip covering edges, and the pipe fix which make a secure hold and stops it from being pressed out. Our company is a leading MEP equipment supplier.

The company offers advance design products which have been tailored to meet every client requirements. We have dedicated teams which provide complete pipe support systems solutions for HVAC, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, and Fire Protection Systems. The company engages well experienced people and advanced solutions to provide most desirable services in an economical way. Making customers happy is our motto, and we work with that mindset.