Cable protection tiles and covers are extremely important and in demand in the market along with a heavy-duty utility protection system for protecting underground cable and pipes which comprises the medium, low and high voltage power networks which work at 11kV and 33kV. Dutco Tennant LLC stocks and supplies the most extensive range of Cable Protection products from stock to delivery all over the Middle East and GCC region. We can meet all the printing preferences and specifications in both Stokbord and Tapetile ranges. Clear visual warning of the underground utility services, the cable protection products are made up of a printed warning laminated to the surface of the base material. The products are designed for complying with Energy Network Association Technical Specification (ENA-TS) 12-23, Issue 3 2013.

Tapetile Cable Protection Tape

The Tapetile Protection tape product has been made mainly to offer a clear visual warning to people during excavation work to offer a clear visual warning about the underground cable joints or cable ducts. They are manufactured from reconstituted low or medium density polyethylene or similar material which is proven to withstand rot and is resistant to a wide range of virgin and tipped soil conditions. The print comes with a yellow background and black letters over a red or brown base. Cable laying contractors lay this over cable trench to make way for easy and quick protection of low and high voltage street lighting and underground electricity cable to around 11kV. These tiles are also suitable for offering protection to underground gas to the mains and water pipes.

Underground Tape Tile Applications - Electric, Gas & Water

  • Electric: Red/Brown background with yellow tape/black lettering
  • Fibre Optic: Green background with black lettering
  • Gas: Yellow background with black lettering
  • Water: Blue background with black lettering

Cable Protection Tile Benefits

  • Gives clear warning to the third parties of underground cables and pipes
  • Contains company logo in bold warning text for clearly cable identifications
  • Reduces damages to LV-HV cables which reduces the cost of repairs
  • Lightweight and easy to install irrespective of weather conditions
  • Durable with good impact resistance
  • Rotproof and resistant to a wide range of soil conditions

Cable Protection Covers

The Protection tile product is intended to mainly offer a clear visual warning to the workers working out in excavation works and other utilities about the presence of underground cables, cable ducts, or cable joints. These comply with the impact resistance test requirements of Class 2 as defined for allowing interconnection of the cable covers which are located from 25mm from each end of the cover along its centerline, each cover features a pre-drilled 12mm hole. A suitable peg or cable tie is offered for allowing covers to be connected together.

Dutco Tennant LLC works with major Cable Tile suppliers and gives you the option to print custom wordings on the cable protection tapes as per your requirement. You can also print your company logo and other signs on the Cable Tile along with the caution sign. We provide different underground cable protection tiles with different dimensions, width, and energy resistance for different needs of the client. Though Cable Tiles can be made up of different materials, concrete and polyethylene are two famous Cable Tapes favored by consumers. Dutco Tennant LLC is a polyethylene cable tiles supplier in the entire Emirates. Our roads & utility products are ideal for optical fiber and heavy electric cables. Dutco Tennant LLC cable protection covers can be used for concrete covers and steel plates.