Plumbing ball valves can control the flow of water with the use of a rotational ball which remains located at the valve’s center. This ball may have a hollow core that runs via the center which can control the water flow. The fluids can flow via the valve and get into the pipes when the hollow core of the ball becomes parallel to the inlet of water. When in a direction perpendicular to the pipe the hole is rotated, the passageway gets blocked and the water fails to pass via the valve. With a handle located over the valve, the ball is rotated which gives ¼ turn which allows to seal the flow of fluid. When the handle becomes parallel to the pipe and valve, the hollow core of the valve also remains parallel.

Residential plumbing valve is very much common in the Middle East as a shut-off valve because of their durability, speed and reliability. They are used widely in industrial and residential applications for turning the off and on without risking a drop of pressure. A strong, watertight seal inside the valve is created by the ball which prevents any type of fluid from getting escaped. Because of the tight seal it creates, they are highly common in chemical and natural gas applications. For emergency applications, these valves are again ideal where it is needed for the water to be quickly cut off easily.

Commercial plumbing valves are having the highest longevity among all the shut-off valves and will not have a premature failure. But ball valves must only be used for closing and opening the passage of fluid. They are designed for throttling flow as it can risk damage to the seat or the rotational ball and running the valve potentially. The ball valve’s design allows them for diverting or altering the fluids flow via multiple ports. These multi-port valves can direct the water via around four different flow channels. These valves are mainly designed to control the flow of the valve in a single direction.


Advantages of ball valves -

  • Can withstand heavy flow rates and high pressure without getting damaged
  • Requires low maintenance
  • They are cheaper compared to various other valves having the same purpose

Disadvantages of ball valves –

  • Remains effective only for isolating the water flow
  • Can get clogged if a piece of particulate gets caught

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