Plumbing System comprises of supply of water at desired locations in a building or house. It actually carries away the wastewater or sewage hygienically. The plumbing system is then divided into the sewerage and water supply system. Both of them comprise of a series of pipes which can convey either the waste water or water. Among all the plumbing pipes, Cast Iron pipes are the most prevalent. They comprise a good compressive strength which helps them to resist the pressure of the earth easily. They are extremely resistant to corrosion and are also used for transmitting water. They are brittle which makes them tougher to cut and fit. In this article, you will be learning about the amazing reasons for using Cast Iron Pipes.

The Safest Choice

CI Pipes are safer than PVC ones as they are highly resistant to fire. In various accidents related to fire, people are killed due to the release of gases during the heating and combustion of usual building furniture or materials, rather than by heat or actual flames. Almost all the experts in the field along with our MEP service professionals in the Middle East agree to the fact that iron offers the best fire resistance. And this is because of the fact that it does not burn out or emits gas when it is heated at temperatures in which structure fires reach. Again, cast iron can easily be set up and is much more durable most other types of pipes.

Sound Proof

Cast Iron pipes are designed to have amazing sound-proofing characteristics compared to pipes that are made up of other materials. Noisy pipes can actually be a nuisance. In mainly hospitals, noisy pipes can actually be a lot of issues and can create sleep interruptions and increase the stress level which may affect the healing process. But the noise and vibration between the pipes and fixtures are minimal in the case of a cast iron pipe which can generate amazing advantages when you are using them.


Another amazing benefit of cast iron pipe is that they are cheap to set up in comparison to pipes which are made from other materials. These types of pipes are again much cheaper in price than all the other options. The plumbers will need a minimal amount of effort to install them.

Recommended Use of Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes have been recommended for use in sewerage force mains but are strictly not recommended for collection systems without lining. The main reason behind this is that they are partially filled pipes in which the septicity is more which increases the corrosion that reduces the flow in the long term.

Maintenance of Cast Iron Pipes

Force and Gravity Mains can be cleaned with the help of cutter heads, rods, and in some cases with pressure streams, grease, and solid build-ups can be removed. Such operations will not damage or harm the CI Pipes.

Dutco Tennant supplies the traditional qualities and strengths of cast iron pipes to meet the requirements of irrigation networks. The cast-iron pipes and fittings of this range are available in diameters of 100 to 1000 mm. Cast iron pipes, which are recognizable by their black and green colors, are produced with an exterior coating of pure zinc covered by a layer of epoxy, plus an internal protective layer of cement lining that is compatible with irrigation water. If you are in search of exceptional solutions for your Middle East projects, then please get in touch with us.