The Advantages of BTU Metering for Multi-Residential Buildings

So, let us first begin with what is BTU Meter?

BTU meters accurately measure the thermal energy of chilled water consumption in British thermal units (BTU) which is a basic measure of thermal energy for commercial and residential buildings. BTU meters are used in chilled water systems for both commercial and industrial and office buildings. They are used for billing users for energy usage.

Now let's come to the range of advantages that BTU Meters for Multi-Residential Buildings offer.

Property owners are allowed to capture the cost of heating and cooling for units that aren't caught by electrical meters by the British Thermal Unit (BTU) Metering. Thermal energy is captured by a thermal meter in a unit in an effort to maintain a comfortable temperature. The hydronic flow rate and temperature differential along the entire in-suite HVAC unit are measured by advanced BTU metering systems. This calculation measures each suite's actual thermal consumption. If you are designing a new building or planning to retrofit your existing building with BTU meters, it will be highly beneficial for every landlord or building owner to meter multiple utilities and recover the exact cost bypassing the responsibility on to the residents which ultimately makes them conscious about environmental friendliness. It will result in reduced consumption which will lower the cost for both the residents and the landlord.

Retrofit Vs. BTU Metering in New Buildings

It is quite possible that retrofitting can be a bit more complicated for BTU meters. For supporting the thermal metering technology, as well as access for the technician to install and work within it, buildings require a fan coil unit (a liquid to air heat exchanger system). The burden of hard-wiring in-suite meters is removed back to a central data collection point by the new advances in communication technology. BTU metering offers long-term savings and an increase in property value that makes it a worthwhile investment. It has been proven that thermal metering saves up to $600 per suite per year, with an average 20% reduction in annual consumption for metered units in both retrofit and new construction projects.

Installation of BTU meters are now easier than ever because of new wireless technology

As a response against the complicated and costly nature of conventional mechanical BTU meters, modern wireless technology is available in the UAE market which is rapidly gaining recognition for retrofit and new build projects. Looking identical like the wired ones, these are far less invasive, easier to implement, and works similarly to a water meter by utilizing the same kind of transponder. Both the traditional and modern type is normally a liquid flow meter with an attached computer which converts the amount of energy in terms of British Thermal Units and is released to heat and cool the unit into a kWh equivalent. The cost of conduit, wiring, and labor costs to run wires is eliminated by the new wireless option

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