As the lockdown measures from all over the world are getting eased slowly, the main speculation that is striking every one of us is how will the post-lockdown workspaces look like? Well as prescribed by the medical experts of the world, that this pandemic is far from over and is likely to stay with us for a very long period of time and until the much-needed vaccine comes out, all of our needs to keep focusing on the cleanliness, maintaining social distance and wearing a mask. But offices are places of collaboration where we need to work in collaboration with our colleagues to brainstorm ideas for the successful completion of our tasks, so in a place like that, how can we maintain all of these? Undoubtedly it is extremely difficult for all of us to constantly be aware of our actions and stay in the moment and for that, a lot of changes are required to be taken. Not only just our deeply rooted lifelong habits regarding vagrant decisions and public and workplace behaviors, but a big change is also needed for the design of both public and private organizations to avoid any unwanted human behavior. Design can support the subconscious mind of your employees and help them to maintain social distancing in public and commercial spaces that will support the cause of personal hygiene and wellbeing. As we will need to maintain six feet far distance but at the same time, it is also required to not hamper the collaborating mindset. But how can carpet flooring support this cause?

Carpet Tiles and Planks

Dutco Tennant LLC in collaboration with some of the biggest names of the industry DESSO, EGE Carpets and offers a huge collection of carpet tiles and planks. They can offer the best way of incorporating the concept of social distancing via innovative design. Almost any color, structure, quality, shape, or pattern you need, we can create all the imaginable route. Like for example in hotels, asking customers to follow a particular route from the entrance to reception and elevator to their rooms or creating cafeterias with dedicated isolated spaces. Along with that, creative carpet tile installations work effectively as personal space, path, and zone definers for any office and public places too. With our offered flexible range of carpet tiles, you will be allowed to update your design and replace individual tiles in case if you require any change over the period of time without requiring to completely change the entire flooring area.

Safe Indoors

The increased focus on hygiene, calls for microbe shield treatment for your carpets which is provided by us and protects your floors from microbial damage. Our microbe shield provides you an excellent solution to fight the microbial contamination that is caused by the omnipresent visible and invisible bacteria from mold, fungi, mildew, and yeast. Compared to the conventional methods which are mainly used for preventing microbial contamination which is sanitizers, bleaches, disinfectants and biocides, this unique and innovative technology is durable, odorless, effective and professionally applied with 30 years of effective and safe results in all types of the building environment.

More than just wayfinding

Carpet and flooring can be a great wayfinding tool but more than that it can also serve a larger purpose in impacting behavior. It can go much beyond that and help individuals to navigate space and make them aware of their role in keeping themselves and others safe. A crucial role is also played by flooring in creating psychological and physical security. It is a major design element that shapes out our experience, perception, and behavior. Floor influences our psychological and physical connection and is used for branding, aesthetics, and wayfinding, and now is it's time to play a bigger role in terms of safety.

If you are also thinking about redesigning your floors, then allow us to assist you with all the aspects from planning, suggestions, production supply and delivery. Looking forward to hear from you.


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