Regular and continuous supply is an important requirement for several organizations. For consumption, water is important and is also utilized in manufacturing facilities, washrooms, and other important areas. This need is usually met via a water delivery system and water storage systems like water tanks. With a well-designed water tank, it is ensured a continuous supply of water during calamities like a failure of pump machinery and drought. But apart from that, water is important for fire protection also. It has been addressed by several fire and building codes. Modern-day architects and engineers are focusing more and more on the use of fire tanks. But how will you choose the right fire tank for your use? Let's find out.

It is important to choose the right fire water tank for your requirement. While choosing you must look at several parameters like quality, purpose, and price.


Concrete water storage tanks may have a tendency and proneness to leakage and if installed underground, it can be impossible to detect and repair the leak. Cracks and leaks are often caused by settling of the earth around the tank or movement of the earth like earthquakes or tremors. Because of this galvanized steel tanks offer improved solutions as they are much easier to repair and maintain, especially when they are installed above the ground. Our tank range is designed for withstanding settling and earth tremors, and forceful movements which take place in and around the location of the tank.

Ability to relocate

It can be necessary to relocate a water tank when your business needs to move premises or reconfigure the layout for accommodating new developments or an expansion of your office. It can be difficult to move to a typical water storage tank. Because of that, we offer fire tanks that are manufactured using zincalume panels which can easily be uninstalled and transported to where they are required to go. The customizable design of each tank makes it simple to move your water storage tank whenever required.

Serving several purposes

Water storage tanks do not need to be used only for a single purpose only. Many conventional types can be a single purpose in order to retain the integrity and cleanliness of stored liquids and water. Our supplies tanks make use of several purpose-built PVC liners. These liners are installed with your liquid storage tank and ensure that contamination does not take place within your tank. If you require any type of repurposing for these fire tanks then it can be pretty simple enough.

Withstand the weather conditions

For business, the difficult weather conditions can prove to be treacherous but operating in regions where they are part of the environment is essential. Your business may require water storage tanks that are built for withstanding difficult weather conditions and the range of franklin Hodge is perfectly suitable for these circumstances.

When it comes to your fire water tanks, making the right choice gets a little easier when you are considering your quality requirements. Moreover, top-notch manufacturing standards are a must. All the components which make up a fire tank from Franklin Hodge is manufactured in accordance with strict quality requirements and standards, including ISO9001. If you are looking for fire tanks in the Middle East, then you can definitely try out the solutions which are supplied by Dutco Tennant LLC.