The biggest cities in the world are now understanding that what lies beneath the ground can directly impact the things which are standing on the top. No matter if it is Big Ben in London, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or the Empire State Building in New York, historic cities all over the world have complex and undocumented systems of underground assets like pipes which play a huge role in making these structures withstand. After understanding and realizing this thing, city governments are turning more and more attention to Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology for documenting, locating, and maintaining these subterranean systems for helping to solve the crisscross of the utilities.

The government of cities like Brisbane in Australia made a strategy and decision for adopting the new technologies of Ground Penetrating Radar into its asset management field operation. The software can be used as a preventive measure for the maintenance of underground utilities and incident response tasks where excavation work may be required. Being the largest supplier of Leica Geosystems solutions in the Middle East, Dutco Tennant LLC is here to tell you the main reasons why city governments are turning to GPR technology for utility detection.

Ground radar systems offer a wide range of benefits for the cities –

Anyone can map, locate and maintain

The GPR technology of DSX is representing a significant change in hoe GPR technology is getting used in the field with a simple detection workflow that anyone can understand. The technology can also be used by non-experts for completing area mapping or grid surveys which allows making in-field decisions with high confidence. The system is very easy to use and this allows members of the team without having any experience to get the desired results.

Cities have instant verification and documentation of underground assets

The DSX utility detection solutions take care of advanced software that is coupled with high-accuracy positioning technology which allows for instant visualization, documentation of underground utilities detected, and analysis.

Results are processed automatically for quicker action

It is no longer needed for the user to interpret individual scans and pick targets manually on multiple radargrams. The GPR data gets automatically post-processed after the grid survey is completed and the suspected targets can be analyzed instantly with the help of the smart software. The software can compare selected targets to a library of real-world GPR responses by applying machine learning processes. When the identified assets get accepted, a digital utility map is then generated in the field within a minute where the result can be directly exported to GIS and CAD software.

The risks of utility strikes get decreased significantly

Mapping and locating the vast utility network of a city can be a very difficult and time taking task but it can be a prerequisite to safe excavations. Though network owners have plans for their assets, they can be inaccurate. Several governments all over the whole have implemented recommendations along with regulations for describing the best practice detection processes by using cable locators and GPR systems prior to the excavation which minimizes the risk of accidentality striking a utility which poses a threat to the safety of on-site crews and neighborhoods by reducing the damages and the consequences like lack of access to media and traffic disorganization. The simplicity and portability of DSX, allows municipalities to offer excavators and contractors with an amazing solution which reduces all of the above risks mostly in situations in which plans are outdated, unavailable, or not accurate.

Well, these are the amazing benefits which are offered by Ground Penetrating Radars for underground surveying. In the Middle East, you can get GPR systems from Dutco Tennant LLC. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Civil Infrastructure solutions provider in the Middle East and GCC area. We provide such products for countries such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, and others. At Dutco Tennant LLC we feel that with the advancement of time, science and technology is developing every day. And with this advancement, the demands among the customers for more advanced and newer solutions are increasing. We always put our customers as the priority and look forward to providing them with the best solution possible.