Organizations all over the world are using paging system as a vital resource for communicating instantly with staff and visitors with an easy button push. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies Vocia paging system from Biamp.

Quiet places are conductive to good health. Hospitals and medical centers make a good use of vocia paging system for ensuring a peaceful environment. Medical professionals rely on paging options that minimize disruption to patients and staff. A quality paging solution can make improve operations by sending pages to specific zones, reducing distractions and enabling meaningful communication.

Busy public places such as train stations, airports, must distribute messages to acoustically challenging areas like waiting room, platforms, and open terminals. These vocia paging system reduce passenger noise in busy commuting hours. Apart from health centers, public buildings, bus stands, and other facilities each have specific and complex paging requirements, and they all need pages to be perceptible and understandable.

Looking for a brand which will solve all your vocia paging system requirements? This product offers excellent audio quality and manages all your paging, background music, and crisis communication needs. A powerful, scalable, and adaptable audio solution which can meet your facilities’ requirements now and forever. We not only ensure your messages reach where they need to go, but also make sure these messages are loud and clear and they serve their purpose.

Important Features of Vocia Paging System:

  •         Adaptable and economical paging solutions well-suited for a number of industry applications.
  •         Decentralized networking which avoids single point of failure.
  •         One place where you get standard paging, zoned paging, and critical paging.
  •         Integrates easily with existing communications systems and audio conferencing solutions.
  •         Voices which you can play: live, pre-recorded, and emergency communications.
  •         Expand it as your facilities grow.
  •         Ideal for educational institutions, transportation hubs, medical centers, corporate campuses, industrial buildings, and others.