A well balanced diet leads to a healthy body. For that you need to find out the optimum proportion nutrients in your food. In order to determine the proportion of protein, the Buchi Kjeldahl system was developed in 1883 by a brewer called Johann Kjeldahl.

In this process, a food is digested with a strong acid to release nitrogen which can be ascertained by a suitable titration technique. You can then calculate the amount of protein present in the food through nitrogen concentration.

Benefits of Our Buchi Kjeldahl System:

We offer Buchi Kjeldahl system for determining protein and nitrogen content in food. The process involves digestion with concentrated sulfuric acid, in which the total organic nitrogen is converted to ammonium sulfate. Ammonia produced is distilled into boric acid solution under alkaline conditions. Standardized Hydrochloric Acid is used to titrate borate anions formed, by which the nitrogen content is calculated which represents the amount of crude protein present in the in the sample.

The food analysis equipment is a versatile solution for digestion and steam distillation and covers a broad range of applications. The uniqueness of our product is maximized productivity in every application. Want to make this process fast? – The Kjeldahl method reduces the block digestion process by up to two hours and gives you unparalleled safety. The product has high degree of automation and is a perfect product to allow unprecedented sample throughput.

Our products revolutionize IR digestion. The benefits of IR and block digestion come in one unit. Achieve increased sample throughput with quick nitrogen determination by Kjeldahl digestion at controlled temperatures. Multiple functionalities are associated with these products.

Unprecedented digestion speed, flexible use, and result reproducibility are the standard features of this product. Giving you increased sample throughput for nitrogen determination and multiple instrument features for changing needs. Won’t get a better place for your Buchi Kjeldahl System – for Nitrogen & Protein determination.