ARABLAB is a prestigious annual event where every year science and innovation converge and make way for the creation of a technological miracle. In this spectacular event, a wide base of industries ranging from innovative education equipment, chemical engineering, agriculture,  robotics, and others are showcased to over 10,000 Visitors. This year, Dutco Tennant LLC invites you to witness our updated line of Training Solutions which are manufactured by our partners Armfield.

Since the 1960s, Armfield Engineering has been a proud, independent and responsible provider of laboratory testing training solutions and due to their highly reliable product range, Armfield has earned a leading position in the worldwide market as a supplier of innovative education equipment and industrial research & development equipment for Food, pharmaceutical and industry labs.

Armfield has successfully built its reputation with its commitment to providing quality products and services while randomly responding to international needs for innovative and accurate educational and industrial equipment. With Armfield, you can be assured to get the highest quality solutions.

At ARABLAB 2020, Armfield will be demonstrating its latest line of laboratory testing training solutions.

EF-WS Workstation

EF-WS Workstation comes under EF Series - Engineering Fundamentals. This amazing workstation is ideal to be used as a demonstration platform at the front of the classroom and also works up as a storage unit for the experiment trays and EF-BU Base Units. It is fitted with castors which enables it to be easily moved between locations. This exemplary laboratory testing training solution comes with a wide range of benefits.

Features and Benefits –

  • Ability to store both the experiment trays and Base Units
  • The workstation can be configured to store:
  • Up to 12 Base Units and a maximum of 18 trays (2 Base Units occupy the space of 1 Tray)
  • 12 Base Units and 12 trays
  • 18 trays if storing no Base Units
  • Flat top can be used as a demonstration platform.
  • Castors allow the workstation and its contents to be easily moved between locations

F1-13-Flow Over Weir

The Flow Over Weirs accessory comprises of five basic elements which are used in conjunction with the flow channel, in the moulded benchtop of the Hydraulics Bench. Two weir plates of different shapes are provided which enables familiarisation and comparison with theory. On an instrument carrier, a vernier hook and a point gauge are mounted which is located on the side channels of the moulded top. The rectangular notch weir or V notch weir to be tested is clamped to the weir carrier in the channel by thumb nuts.

Applications –

  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a rectangular notch
  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a V notch
  • Determining the coefficient of discharge

BE2 Chromatography Unit

Chromatography is a widely used separation process in the chemical and biochemical engineering fields. This highly selective process is capable of separating components of similar physical and chemical properties. The BE2 has a benchtop unit onto which two borosilicate glass chromatography columns of 250mm long, 10mm diameter are mounted. Both of them are equipped with adjustable end pieces for enabling different bed heights to be investigated. Each column have septum injectors on top which enable the introduction of a sample into the column surface and they are fed by a three-channel peristaltic pump of an eight-roller design in order to give smooth flow. At Arablab, you can get a demonstration of this spectacular range of chemical laboratory training solutions live.

Armfield Engineering at Arablab 2020

Features and Benefits –

  • Understanding the principles and practices of liquid chromatography, including:
  • Column packing
  • Sample application
  • Column development
  • Analysis and fraction collection
  • Understanding the factors affecting the separation performance
  • Understanding protein concentration measurement through UV assays
  • Detailed teaching exercises are included to demonstrate to students the important aspects of size-exclusion (gel-filtration) chromatography

Thus, Armfield Engineering is ruling the world in the field of innovative education equipment and industrial research & development equipment for Food, pharmaceutical and industry labs.